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Stepping Into 2020 With These Imperative PPC Trends

Back in 2015, when the Google Ads incepted, who imagined that the journey would be taking the roller coaster ride across the years and evolve to the extent and become imperative for the businesses?

PPC marketing over the search engines is a great way to increase brand awareness with the powerful and automated functionality of Google. There is a lot that has been added to the list of functionalities, which helps businesses in spreading their word and expect conversion at the most cost-effective price.

With an excellent PPC agency Toronto, you can quickly harvest revenues but, before you flip your 2020 calendar, there are certain lessons to be learned to get an A+ PPC campaign next year.

In the next section of this blog, you will get to know some of the actionable tips and insights on how to move ahead with the campaign succeeding year. Keep reading…

Gather prospects on the search networks:

Without a doubt, Facebook and Google Display Networks are used for brand awareness by high-funneling prospects. Whereas paid search is used to accelerate conversions via targeting low-funnel prospects. Well, we say, this is a conventional thought to an extent.

With paid search, you have the advantage of capitalizing on the prospect’s interest and bring fresh customers list on board. People search for a brand on Google and then finalize their purchasing decision. Hence, you have an excellent opportunity to connect with the prospects of this marketing funnel and create the best first impression.

Here is an example for you to understand:

While running the PPC campaign, you would definitely have some high-funnel keywords(inexpensive). Join these keywords into your ads that will appear on the search results of the persons who are there to learn about the service rather than buying. This would be quite a wise decision because, somewhere down the line, the person making the search query is looking out for the services itself.

Audience targeting holds equal importance as keyword targeting:

People over the years overlooked the audience targeting phenomena on the search engines. They were under the misconception that audience targeting is absolutely used for Facebook and other high-funnel prospect networks. Yes, it is true that keywords still are the soul of PPC Ad campaigns, but with the advancement in tools provided by Google, it is improvising on the audience connect too. The year 2015, allowed the business to reconnect with the past buyers using Customer match and then 2018 and 2019, facilitated demographic targeting and similar audiences concept.

It is imperative that you invest in the keyword research and targeting, but as much as you do this, don’t fail in supplementing it with audience targeting. Trust us, failing to do so, costs you a hefty loss.

Incorporate video Ads and video contents:

Today the internet is all about virtual reality. And the highest impact which anything can make over the people, are the videos. People have shifted from the paragraphs and want to get an instant answer to their questions. Video content or to be precise youtube videos are watched 2.7 times more by the millennials.

It is an easy task of video creation and comparatively less expensive. Since YouTube itself has hundreds of thousands of viewers, you get a better opportunity of reaching out to audiences.

Reach out to the nearest marketing agency Toronto and plan out the best strategy to run your PPC campaign today. Let’s welcome 2020 with a blast in your revenue amount earned through PPC campaigns.

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